Nathan Funk

Nathan Funk

I have now completed a M.Sc. degree under Herb Yang in computer graphics and computer vision at the University of Alberta. This page contains documents related to my studies and research work which was on controlled lighting and shape reconstruction. Though I am not actively researching now, I intend to keep these documents available for others.

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N. Funk, Y.-H. Yang, pdf Using a Raster Display for Photometric Stereo,
Proc. Canadian Conf. on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV 2007),
pp. 201-207, Montreal, Canada, May 2007
pdf Talk slides


pdf Using a Raster Display Device for Controlled Illumination

Computer vision attempts to find an abstract representation of a scene from images. The ability to control the lighting of the scene simplifies various tasks in the field. This thesis develops a new controlled lighting apparatus which uses a raster display device as a light source. The setup has the advantage over other alternatives in that it is relatively inexpensive and uses commonly available components.

Two applications are examined. The first is shape reconstruction using photometric stereo. Experiments on synthetic and real images demonstrate how the depth map of an object can be recovered using only a camera and an LCD display. The second application studied is the experimental evaluation of lighting estimation techniques. The use of the setup for this purpose is demonstrated with the evaluation of Singh & Ahuja's method. Further development of the core idea of this thesis is expected to benefit a range of applications.

Update April 16, 2001: Grant Schindler from the Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an iPhone app which can reconstruct faces and small objects using a similar photometric stereo approach.


Herb Yang (Univ. of Alberta)
Martin Jaegersand (Univ. of Alberta)
Dana Cobzas (Univ. of Alberta)
Neil Birkbeck (Univ. of Alberta)
Yannick Francken (Univ. Hasselt)

Course Projects and Assignments

Thumbnail CMPT 605 Individual Studies
1. pdf Single Light Source Detection Methods
2. pdf Multiple Light Source Detection Methods (Part 1)
3. pdf Multiple Light Source Detection Methods (Part 2)
4. pdf Shape from Shading Papers
5. pdf Papers on Relighting
Thumbnail Implementation of a Soft-Shadow Algorithm
CMPT 610 Image and Motion Synthesis
pdf report , video (20MB .avi, encoded with DivX)
Thumbnail Implementation of a Visual Attention Model
CMPT 616 The Brain
pdf report , ppt presentation, ppt detailed presentation
Thumbnail A Survey of Light Source Detection Methods
CMPT 603 Teaching and Research Methods
pdf report , ppt presentation
Thumbnail Implementation of the Zhang & Yang Light Source Detection Method
CMPT 615 3-Dimensional Computer Vision
pdf report
Thumbnail A Study of the Kalman Filter applied to Visual Tracking
CMPUT 652 Probabilistic Methods in AI
pdf report